Women’s and men’s interiors

Designers from time immemorial care question: is it very different from each other interior areas inhabited by men and women? Is there any way in the creation of housing the notorious “sexual question”? And are there any purely masculine or, conversely, women’s decorating tricks? All these questions tend to give professionals a very wise answer: the difference is, of course, there is, but only together a man and woman will be able to create a truly harmonious interior. Well, it remains to realize this is a golden rule in life! Female and male view of the interior is really often diametrically opposed. Woman tend to the inner feeling of home comfort, comfort. It thoughtfully applies to everything – the design of the house as a whole to the color of every petty detail. The man on most of the things that affect comfort, just not paying attention – he seeks to embody in the interior of their life ambitions, professional ideas. How to find designers, interior design, created exclusively for men, we can immediately find out: it is usually more vivid, a little pompous and arrogant, which is uniquely calculated more on the external effects than the inner harmony. Very often, this interior is not only conceived in the details, but has many small inconveniences, but as you know, really not up to the creator of these stupid things. But “women’s” interior will always be more quiet, reserved, and must provide for the inner life, the opportunity for rest and contemplation. According to professional designers, the difference between male and female approach to the interior reflects a fundamentally different approach to life in general: Woman tries to adapt to the environment, man seeks to win this Wednesday, to conquer. In addition, men often tend to appreciate the bright extravagant furnishings and design, it is not worrying about their functionality. And, perhaps, to cope with his impulse to buy something “is not like everyone else” may be only a woman, prone to see the created interior of a whole and takes into account the urgent needs of the family. “Women’s” interior is always attentive to the formation of space, it is full of handy items, addressed to those who live in this area. Communicating with the customer, a woman designer will always try to accept his sense of life, so she carefully listens to what she said. The man in her place, in many cases try to impose their opinion, there is little regard for the life experience of the customer. By the way, that’s why experienced architects always try to invite a discussion of the future wife of the interior of the customer. Yes, they think it’s pretty unpredictable, often capricious and not having an outstanding taste of being, but professionals understand that we must reckon with its views and wishes: another dwelling in the interior, created exclusively “by her husband,” a threat to living together. In this woman’s house will not help much to irritate, irritation, and its unconscious, it would “throw out” the spouse. Here is a psychology of interior! By the way, and color preferences in women and men tend to vary widely. The fair sex lasts a delicate pastel shades and the men, by contrast, adhere to “strict” separation of colors on a functional base. And if in the opinion of women, pink, blue, pale purple and green are able to transfer them to the coveted atmosphere of lightness and mystery, their advocates believe that the “energetic” room – a blue, orange and yellow walls, “calm” – White or black. As regards the latter color, women do not accept it at all, but a man, on the contrary, it is very appreciated. Here is a question of psychology: the female head of school knowing that the black – it is the combination of all colors, and remains an abstract fact, while the man is very well understood and accepted it. And if you were in the apartment, where, say, a bathroom lined with black tiles, do not doubt that you have stepped into male territory. By the way, designers are advised that if disputes about the color of the walls and upholstery come to a standstill, it is possible to divide the “territory”: nursery and room to decorate in the range selected by a woman and a man’s office to provide. There are, of course, purely male, and, conversely, women’s room. In our minds with a man’s interior is traditionally associated office, and with a female – boudoir. Men love to hang on the walls of badges, charts, maps, portraits of leaders and favorite artists. Women are more inclined to things that are pleasing to the eye: ikebana, souvenirs, gifts made for my birthday. Where exactly the man should not meddle particularly strongly, because it is the kitchen and the undivided realm of women. First of all, it is necessary that the hostess was out there and feel comfortable moving space. As our grandmothers say: “Everything should be on hand…”, but modern designers have added “… And stylish.” But the interior of a bedroom should be sure to think through together – it’s common area in which both of you all must hold. In general, remember that only through mutual concessions and compromises can be found that the only way the interior, which for many years, will delight the whole family




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